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L-iterations in English is a fortnightly series of premium audio-visual episodes.

Our goal is to cover a wide range of authors and genres from various times and places so that L-iterations are both as educational and as enjoyable as possible. These will include the classics, contemporary works, established authors, emerging authors, minority authors, translations, AI-assisted writing as well as voices and accents from all over the world.

We go in-depth with a whole fortnight on each text so that you can take your time, face the texts as joyful places to taste, explore, transform and be transformed.

At the beginning of each fortnight, we release a constellation of audio-visual material: the full matrix-episode as well as multiple playlists of L-iterations.
Subscribers receive:
Access to the
Membership Area
Access your L-iterations episodes produced in
full 3D-audio and HD-visuals.
Supplementary materials
related to each text
Carefully curated materials from expert sources will be shared with members inside the official L-iterations in English Facebook Group.
The official Facebook Group is also the place to go for informal discussion as well as scheduled Q&A events with special guests!
Intermediate to advanced English learners
Expand or improve:
  • vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation
  • deep comprehension
  • knowledge of idiomatic expressions
  • understanding creative use of language
  • familiarity with both international English as well as localised English influenced by particular regions
  • familiarity and comprehension of a range of accents
Literature enthusiasts, including teachers & academics
Develop or explore:
  • a growing, organic history of the English language across time, regions and cultures
  • deep connections with particular texts and authors
  • hidden angles / multiple ‘readings’ within texts
  • complex inter-relationships between listening/speaking, reading/writing and perception/imagination
Get to explore a broad range of writing
  • classic
  • contemporary
  • established authors
  • emerging authors
  • minority authors
  • authors from all over the world
  • AI-assisted writing
  • a wide variety of genres
  • accents from all over the world
MONTHLY subscription
Ongoing access to the L-iterations Membership Area and online social group.

€12 / month. Ongoing membership billed monthly. Cancel anytime by sending an email to support@tangiblemode.com. 14-Day Money Back Guarantee on first payment.

L-iterations in English is currently in the process of migrating to new membership management software.

We have paused subscriptions while this takes place to avoid any possible hassles for new subscribers.

In the meantime, please sign up to our waiting list! We’ll be in touch very shortly, as soon as the new platform is ready to go.

YEARLY subscription
Full access to the L-iterations Membership Area and online social group for a year.

Single payment of €96. Yearly subscribers receive a 33% discount on the ongoing rate with a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.
EDUCATION subscriptions
L-iterations welcomes schools, universities, colleges, and study groups among our subscribers. We offer substantial education discounts on our subscriptions.

If you’re interested in using our materials as part of your curriculum, please email us at support@tangiblemode.com for further information.
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