exploring the present and future of Augmented Reading
When browsing this production pipeline, you should envisage a living landscape. For us, it works as a kind of warehouse-in-progress – an extremely fluid and permanently subject-to-change “corpus” of language events.

Full episodes will emerge either from single elements or subsets of linked elements. At first sight, you might guess or anticipate different degrees of semantic proximity between the listed units. Some of them really look quite distant from one another though.

L-iterations are not about featuring books or –even less– about turning books into audio-books. We would like to go much further and in multiple directions. Here language is understood as a large ‘instrument’ to be played at a very close distance. Within such an instrument, we would like to explore and play the widest variety of registers and overtones…

From a more practical point of view, some of these sources are public domain texts while others are contemporary creations requiring different kinds of licenses and legal agreements with their authors and publishers. Some of them will come up faster than others. We are permanently working on it: talking with authors and publishers, closing agreements and making sure that any material can be brought to you exactly in the way we intend.
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