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What are L-iterations?
We could say that L-iterating is a semantic-stretching method placed in between learning and aesthetic enjoyment.

Read a bit more about it in our L-iterations publication on Medium...
But what is a ‘L-iteration’ playlist?
’L-iteration’ began life as a blend of ‘Literature’ + ‘iteration’. Each L-iteration is one possible path – a non-linear way of enjoying strings of fragments taken from the full episodes of L-iterations in English.
How / why do you choose certain texts?
Beyond our goal to cover a broad range of writing, we look for texts that are rich enough to undergo deep linguistic analysisrich not just in concepts, but in sound, timing and context. Through analysis, careful preparation and a little AI, we realise this richness across 3D-audio, visuals and the interplay between the two.
What if I don’t ‘like’ a particular author / text?
It’s unlikely you’ll love every text, every month.

Our goal is to cover a wide range of authors and genres from various times and places so that L-iterations are both as educational and as enjoyable as possible.

The L-iterations ‘treatment’ –deep linguistic analysis combined with cognitive layers, perceptual techniques and learning theories– ensures an engaging audio-visual literary experience.
Do I have to wear headphones / earphones?
Well… yes. The 3D-audio really only works for headphone playback and will sound quite strange over loudspeakers.

(If you’d like to know a bit about how 3D / binaural technology works, here is a nice article.)

We use 3D-audio for its powerful cognitive effects on perception, memory and learning.
What if I don’t have a Facebook account? Can I still receive the supplementary materials?
Absolutely. Just let us know at support@tangiblemode.com and you can opt-in to receive supplementary materials by email. We’ll also send you transcripts of Q&A events.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer group discussion outside the official Facebook Group at this time.
How does the 14-Day Money Back Guarantee work?
If you’re not happy with the service / wish to cancel within 14 days of your first payment, send us an email at support@tangiblemode.com and we’ll process your refund, no questions asked!

(Of course, we'd appreciate any feedback you may want to include at this time.)
How do I cancel my subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending us an email at support@tangiblemode.com

Your access to the membership area will remain active until the end of your current payment period.
Can I gift a subscription to a friend / family member?
Sure! We’re working on setting this up as an option on our Order Forms. Until then, send us an email at support@tangiblemode.com and we’ll be happy to sort it out for you.
Do you offer education / institution subscriptions?
L-iterations in English welcomes schools, universities, colleges, and study groups among our subscribers. We offer substantial education discounts on our subscriptions and we’ll work with you to adjust your subscription to fit your budget, class size and course structure.

Each student will receive their own account in the L-iterations in English Membership Area, valid for the duration of the education subscription. Students can then access the materials in class, at home, or anywhere on the go!

If you’re interested in using our materials as part of your curriculum, please email us at support@tangiblemode.com for further information.
Will you be offering L-iterations in other languages?
Yes! L-iteraciones en español is next.

We’ll even have occasional linked episodes where L-iterations in English will feature a translation of that week’s text from L-iteraciones en español (and vice versa).
Why isn’t L-iterations in English available in my country?
Due to digital sales tax requirements in some countries, we are not set up to provide our service in all locations just yet. Rest assured, we are working to be available there soon!
If your question/s are not answered here, please get in touch at support@tangiblemode.com !
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