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L-iterations  proposes a new approach to...
...literature and the English language.
The basic idea behind the “L-iterations” series is quite straightforward. Take a short text or excerpt, something that you could actually read in a few minutes. Make it last longer, much longer than it would normally last. It’s not about unnaturally slowing down your reading but rather about iterating – creatively orbiting the text till its presumed meaning gets expanded and sort of blurred, sometimes deeply transformed, almost by ‘friction’ against your own gaze.

L-iterations in English
is a fortnightly series of premium audio-visual episodes brought to you by tangiblemode.
We use deep linguistic analysis combined with cognitive layers, perception techniques and learning theory to produce these episodes of audio-visual L-iterations.

We look for texts that are rich enough to undergo this deep linguistic analysis – rich not just in concepts, but in sound, timing and context. Through analysis, careful preparation and a little AI, we realise this richness across 3D audio, visuals and the interplay between the two.

We especially use cutting-edge 3D audio for its powerful cognitive effects on perception, memory and learning.
L-iterations proposes an unusual blend of learning and aesthetic enjoyment. Every single text undertakes a self-contained trip from scattered atom-words to fully realised meaning.
After the text has undergone analysis, preparation and basic production, we build a full ‘matrix’ episode. In a matrix-episode, the text loops through multiple iterations at two different scales:

STAGES (#1, #2, #3, etc.) are evolutive repetitions of the text. Complexity increases softly as more and more new particles appear in between words.

MICRO-CHAPTERS are small units inside Stages. They are cued by a single title-word placed at the bottom left corner of your screen. The different Stages share the same set of title-words so that you will feel the sense of orbiting the text.

The matrix-episode presents the full content as a single timeline. This is just one among many possible ways of experiencing the text.
‘L-iteration’ started out as a blend of ‘Literature’ + ‘iteration’. Each L-iteration, then, is one possible path – a non-linear way of enjoying strings of fragments taken from the full matrix-episodes of L-iterations. Each L-iteration playlist reveals a different angle and possibilities for understanding, learning and remembering the text.
Release Structure
L-iterations in English is a fortnightly series of premium audio-visual episodes.

We go in-depth with a whole fortnight on each text so that you can take your time, face the texts as joyful places to taste, explore, transform and be transformed.

At the beginning of each fortnight, we release a constellation of audio-visual material: the full matrix-episode as well as a collection of L-iteration playlists.
Intermediate to advanced English learners
Expand or improve:
  • vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation
  • deep comprehension
  • knowledge of idiomatic expressions
  • understanding creative use of language
  • familiarity with both international English as well as localised English influenced by particular regions
  • familiarity and comprehension of a range of accents
Literature enthusiasts, including teachers & academics
Develop or explore:
  • a growing, organic history of the English language across time, regions and cultures
  • deep connections with particular texts and authors
  • hidden angles / multiple ‘readings’ within texts
  • complex inter-relationships between listening/speaking, reading/writing and perception/imagination
Get to explore a broad range of writing
  • classic
  • contemporary
  • established authors
  • emerging authors
  • minority authors
  • authors from all over the world
  • AI-assisted writing
  • a wide variety of genres
  • accents from all over the world
Brought to you by
...tangiblemode !

tangiblemode builds augmented reality experiences across interactive books, film and games.

Founded by Natalie McQuade and Pablo Arcent in 2013, tangiblemode SL is headquartered in the 22@ Innovation District in Barcelona.

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